Media-Assisting The Singing Entrepreneur in Belgrade

The Singing Entrepreneur

This week I have been doing some alternative work. I travelled with a coaching group called The Singing Entrepreneur to provide media recording and logistical support during two days of seminars given to the Operosa company based in Belgrade, Serbia.

I have been producing promotional videos for friends and colleagues for a few years now. The Singing Entrepreneur approached me to record their work both for their own internal assessment and also to promote their fledgling business on their various online platforms. I recorded three two-hour seminars on two HD digital camcorders and a voice recorder, taking additional footage on a digital compact camera equipped for short spans of HD video.

It was a good experiment from my perspective in managing the equipment over two flights, managing all the recording units as simultaneously as possible without remote control of any of them (!) and dealing with the material as it was being produced. As a performing musician used to coming into a performing space after the logistical temas have already spent time setting it up I gained useful practical experience in mapping out the way in which the times of a working day have to be compartmentalised and managed.

My colleagues had some great feedback from their talks and discussions. I know that my media record of their work will be of great use in refining their work and presenting it to a future audience.